What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been around for many years and has been used to treat various problems such as phobias or change habits. It is a form of complementary and alternative therapy where a client is placed in a relaxed state known as a trance. While in a trance state, the client experiences a slowing of physiological functions such as breathing and heart rate. The hypnotic trance state is a very flexible tool for resolving many physical and emotional difficulties. While in a trance state,  the therapist is able to access the client's subconscious mind, which cannot usually be accessed during normal conscious awareness. The subconscious mind is like a hard drive and stores every emotion, belief, memory and experience from our past. ​Every unhealthy behaviour such as smoking, binge eating or nail biting is related to a chain of events which has laid the foundation for all our current difficulties. Hypnotherapy works in two different ways, firstly by making positive and affirmative suggestions while in a trance state such as increased confidence in social situations. Secondly, it enables the therapist to access the underlying script or programme which is driving unwanted habits or behaviours and to change or eradicate these.​ Hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for many problems including all of the following;​

Addictive Behaviours



Pain Management


Public Speaking

Self esteem

Sexual problems

Sports performance


Stopping smoking

Weight Management


Hypnotherapy can also be used for many other issues not listed here so 

please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Common Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

1. Being hypnotised results in falling asleep.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It is a bit like daydreaming. Clients are in a state of altered consciousness where they are focused, conscious and alert. All clients are still fully aware of smells, sounds and other sensory stimuli while in a trance state.

2. You can be forced to act against your will.

Hypnosis is not a form of mind control or brainwashing. Clients are in full control throughout a hypnosis session and have the power to accept or decline any suggestions given by the therapist. However, the therapist will always give suggestions which are in the best interests of the client.

3. You may not "wake up" from a hypnotic trance.

Everyone without fail will come out of a hypnotic state. Clients can initiate or terminate a hypnosis session at any time they choose.

4. A hypnotherapist is the same as a hypnotist.

There is a great difference between the two roles. A hypnotist uses hypnosis for entertainment purposes, whereas a hypnotherapist uses hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

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