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Valentines Day – The low down on relationships

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St Valentines Day is nearly here again and millions of us celebrate romance and love every year on 14th February by sending cards, flowers and messages of love and affection to our loved ones. However, many relationships are often full of ups and downs and require on going effort and commitment to make them a success. Here are a few tips to help you reflect.

* Are you really ready for a new relationship? If you’ve not long separated from someone, its more healthy to have a break and deal with any emotional baggage and healing rather than jumping into something new. Getting involved again too quickly means you will take any unresolved issues from your previous relationship into the rebound relationship which is likely to suffer and might up end making poor new relationship choices because you’re feeling needy.

* There is a saying that we tend to attract what we give off. In other words, if you don’t feel great about yourself then you are more likely to attract new partners who treat us badly, reinforcing our own lack of self worth. While we can’t change other people, we can change ourselves by working on our own self worth to help attract more positive people into our lives.

* Many people often ignore early warning signs in a relationship by hoping their new partner will be different. Sometimes, we either minimize or make excuses for the other person’s behaviour such as signs of jealousy and controlling behaviours. Watch those early warning signs and if there is a pattern then maybe that’s telling us something we need to act upon.

* Another relationships flaw is many people get involved in a new relationship too quickly. Spend more time asking questions and going on dates and finding out if you’re truly compatible first without getting too emotionally involved first.

* Relationships are about compromise. It is unlikely you will agree on everything but work out first what you are prepared to agree on and what you won’t tolerate. There may be some minor issues you can agree to disagree on.

* Look for partners who are emotionally open about their feelings and who treat others with respect and integrity. A good indicator of how someone will treat you is the way they treat other people.

* Learn to appreciate each other by doing nice things for each other such as treating your other half to a romantic meal, buying them chocolates or flowers and spending quality time together.

Hypnotherapy can help clients experiencing relationship issues and low self esteem. Many relationship difficulties stem from unresolved issues from our own childhood and inner child therapy can help resolve these issues enabling us to move forward and find happier and more fulfilling relationships.

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