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Everyone is aware that being a successful athlete involves maintaining high levels of physical fitness. However, this is only part of the story required for success. Research suggests that sports performance is more strongly related to our mental abilities than our physical abilities. The power of the mind can have a significant impact on sports performance. Hypnotherapy has been used for many years to help professional athletes enhance their natural ability and even the famous golfer Tiger Woods regularly uses hypnosis.​

Successful athletes are often able to control their state of mind so they have a psychological advantage which prevents them from under-performing or being affected by performance anxiety. Hypnotherapy helps to engage an athletes mind in a positive way to help them focus on their goals and achieving them. Being able to control negative thoughts and emotions can be successfully achieved through hypnosis. Sports people often refer to this as being in the 'zone'. This means they get totally absorbed into what they doing and barely pay attention to outside distractions. Hypnotherapy can help individuals access the 'zone' so that they can use this to enhance their performance.​

Hypnosis can specifically help by improving confidence and self-belief, removing negative thoughts or beliefs, increasing motivation, teaching deep relaxation and concentration techniques, maintaining composure and help with overcoming distractions. Hypnotherapy works with most sports including football, running, boxing, cricket and swimming. I use all the latest hypnosis techniques including Suggestion Therapy, NLP, Regression Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy. Contact me for a free consultation appointment today.

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