Everyone is aware Currently 19% of the U.K. adult population smoke but these figures are higher particularly in younger people. Smoking is linked to at least 15 different types of cancer including lung, larynx, kidney, bowel, stomach and ovarian cancers. It is also linked to a number of other problems such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease, stroke and impotence. If you live in a household where other people smoke, there are still risks associated with passive smoking, which is secondhand smoke that comes from the tip of a lit cigarette. Breathing in secondhand smoke increases your risk of getting the same health conditions as smokers. Therefore, giving up smoking is likely to really improve your health and the well being of anyone else who lives with you too.​

Smoking is also an expensive habit. If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, that works out about £65 per week and that costs over £3,000 per year. Quitting smoking can not only save you a lot of money which could be used for other more positive things such as holidays, a new home or car.​

I offer smoking cessation hypnotherapy for tobacco, vaping and cannabis smoking. I have managed to successfully help a number of clients to quit smoking within only 2-3 sessions.​

I use all the latest hypnosis techniques including Suggestion Therapy, Parts Therapy, NLP and Regression techniques. The sessions cover a range of issues which are adapted to the client’s individual needs including teaching self-hypnosis, dealing with stress, increasing willpower, dealing with smoking triggers, a healing the body imagery session and relapse prevention strategies. I offer a free client consultation so why not give me a call to start your journey towards a smoking free life.

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