Sexual Issues

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point in their lives. Hypnotherapy can be very effective for sexual problems although it is important that you consult with your G.P. before seeking treatment to rule out any physical problems. Sexual difficulties are generally problems that prevent the individual from having enjoyable sex and can make sex difficult. They can begin early in life, suddenly develop after a previous satisfying sex life or develop gradually. Some of the most common sexual problems for men are performance anxiety, sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For women, the most common problem is vaginismus, which is difficulty engaging in vaginal penetration.​

Sexual problems are often caused by underlying psychological issues such as anxiety, stress or fear but may also be related to previous trauma.​

Hypnotherapy can help with sexual problems by accessing your subconscious and changing your thought patterns and behaviours that are causing the problem. It can teach clients relaxation and self-confidence techniques and enable you to cope better with stress and anxiety to help rebuild your sex life.  I use all of the latest hypnosis techniques including Suggestion Therapy, Parts Therapy, NLP and Regression Therapy. I offer a free consultation so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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