Self Esteem

Self esteem

Self-esteem is how we perceive ourselves. It's what we think about ourselves and how much we value ourselves. Our self-esteem is made up of thoughts and values we have accrued over many years. These thoughts and opinions tend to be influenced by experiences we have and people we are surrounded by. For example, someone who grew up surrounded by a critical parent or who was bullied at school may find they struggle with low self-esteem. These beliefs we have about ourselves can be difficult to change and become ingrained.

Low self-esteem is defined as feeling bad about yourself. People with low self-worth often feel unlovable, awkward in social situations or inferior in some kind of way. They tend to be hypersensitive and become easily wounded by others. Having low self-esteem can have a profound impact on our happiness. It can make it difficult for us to recognise our strengths and what we're good at, which can hold us back in terms of our personal and professional life. People with low self worth are likely to avoid trying new things and more likely to attract potential partners with low-self esteem which keeps the cycle of low self worth maintained.​

Sometimes, people with low self-esteem will struggle to show themselves kindness and practise self-care, leading to stress and burnout. While low self-esteem isn't a mental illness in itself, it can have a impact on our mental health. Low self-esteem can also lead to conditions such as depression and anxiety and be related to other behaviours such as addictions and self-harm.​

The most common causes of low self esteem include being abused, being bullied, finding it difficult to get a job, losing your job, relationship difficulties, experiencing discrimination, growing up and feeling not loved or accepted by your parents.​

As self-esteem is a state of mind, hypnotherapy can help to change this through changing negative thinking patterns to encourage more positive responses and

dealing with the underlying causes of poor self worth. Effectively, low self-esteem is a learned behaviour which we can unlearn through using hypnotherapy techniques. I use all the latest hypnosis techniques including Suggestion Therapy, NLP, Regression Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy techniques.

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