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Pain Management

Pain is a sensation that hurts. It may cause discomfort and immense distress and range from anything like headaches to back pain or muscular pain. Often the cause of pain is obvious such as an injury like a broken leg or recent surgery. But there are times when the source of the pain is unseen such as a slipped disc. Occasionally it is difficult to determine the exact cause of a person's pain.​

There are a number of different types of pain. Short term pain is called acute pain, an example being a sprained ankle. Long term pain is persistent or chronic pain such as back trouble or arthritis. Pain that comes and goes is called recurrent or intermittent pain such as a toothache. Many acute pains are usually like a warning sign telling us something is wrong. Most minor pain is only temporary and following a period of rest and recovery, the pain will heal. ​

There is a link between our emotions and the body. The way your mind controls thoughts and attitudes affects the way your body controls pain. Pain itself and the fear of pain, can cause you to avoid both physical and social activities. Over times this leads to less physical strength and weaker social relationships. It can also cause further lack of functioning and pain. Pain is also very common among people who experience constant stress and psychological problems such as depression. Pain can actually cause depression or make existing depression worse.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for pain management and can provide real relief from chronic and acute pain. Suggestion therapy can be very effective for the management of pain but analytical hypnotherapy can also help by identifying and releasing the underlying cause associated with your pain problems.

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