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Menopause and Hypnotherapy

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The menopause is a natural part of ageing that usually occurs between the ages of 35 and 55 years and it affects around 70% of women. It can last for 10 years or longer. It is caused by a change in the balance of the body’s sex hormones, which occurs as you get older. It happens when your ovaries stop producing as much of the hormone estrogen and no longer release an egg each month.

Most women will experience some menopausal symptoms and symptoms can include hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, low mood, anxiety, problems with memory and concentration, bone density loss, lethargy, palpitations, joint and muscle pain and poor skin elasticity. The menopause can also bring up past trauma in some women.

There is some general advice and guidance you can follow to lessen the impact of the menopausal phase which includes the following;

· It’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

· Avoid eating lots of hot and spicy food

· Stop smoking

· Too much caffeine can increase hot flushes and other anxiety related symptoms

· Drink plenty of cold water

· Ensure your diet is rich in vitamin C to help with bone density

· Take vitamin D supplements

· Practice relaxation techniques

· Seek support from your G.P. A blood test can determine the stage of menopause and appropriate treatment

At the current time, there is a shortage of hormone replacement therapy medication in the U.K. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective alternative treatment for menopause problems and can help alleviate menopause symptoms completely and help resolve any underlying trauma.

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