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Anxiety is a feeling of worry, apprehension or unease. It affects everyone differently. Typical symptoms include sweating or hot flushes, palpitations, feeling restless or unable to sit still, headaches, nausea, upset stomach, changes in eating habits and poor sleep. Anxiety can make you feel tense, unable to relax and ruminating is common. For some people, anxiety is temporary and related to a particular situation such as relationship difficulties, job insecurity or health worries. For others, anxiety is experienced on a daily basis and can have a very debilitating impact.​

The most common causes of anxiety include stress at work, difficulties within personal relationships, financial worries, stress related to a serious medical issue, illicit drug use, traumatic life events and difficulties in early childhood.​

I use both suggestion therapy and analytical hypnotherapy for treating anxiety problems. Suggestion therapy is great for promoting relaxation but analytical hypnotherapy can identify and remove the underlying root cause of your anxiety and help you to develop more positive coping strategies. I can help clients with most anxiety related problems including social anxiety disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessional compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and social phobia.

Please contact me to organise a free consultation. Why continue to suffer in silence with anxiety when hypnotherapy could really help to change your life.

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