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My name is Neill Havers and I am a professional hypnotherapist. I use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes to help clients reach their goals.

I became involved in hypnotherapy due to having hypnotherapy personally and experiencing its profound benefits. Hypnotherapy is a very versatile therapy which is suitable for many issues including weight problems, smoking cessation, addictions, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, insomnia, eating problems, sports performance, public speaking anxiety and management of pain to name a few.

Many people make conscious level decisions like to quit smoking but often find it much harder to put these into practice. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective therapy that can bring life changing positive outcomes because it involves communicating with the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious is incredibly powerful and actually accounts for between 90-95% of the total power of your mind. It handles everything from our eating habits, individual responses to stress and all your past memories. A PhD literature review carried out by Alfred J Barrios highlights the success of hypnotherapy by reporting that after 600 sessions of psychoanalysis client recovery rate was 38% and the behaviour therapy group achieved a recovery rate of 72% after 22 sessions. In comparison, hypnotherapy respondents showed a recovery rate of 93% after just six sessions.

I am trained in two different styles of hypnotherapy including suggestion therapy and analytical hypnotherapy. Suggestion therapy is one of the most common types of hypnotherapy and involves guiding the client into a relaxed state and giving them suggestions to modify their behaviour and/or thinking. Suggestion therapy can be very effective for certain issues such as smoking cessation, pain management or help with child birth and usually only requires a handful of sessions.

I also provide analytical hypnotherapy, also known as hypnoanalysis. It is a highly effective form of hypnotherapy for totally resolving emotional and psychological difficulties such as anxiety, phobias, stress, OCD, sexual difficulties, insomnia, anger problems, addictions, depression and eating disorders to name a few. Analytical hypnotherapy is one of the most successful forms of therapy available and involves identifying the underlying root cause of a problem and removing it by using techniques such as regression and free association.

Once the underlying cause is found and addressed, the client is then able to overcome their specific problem and adapt to new healthier ways of behaving and thinking such as losing weight or overcoming a phobia. Analytical hypnotherapy usually involves between 6-12 sessions, lasting about an hour each. The analytical process exposes and extinguishes the cause and as a result the symptom is removed.

I provide the following types of hypnotherapy sessions;

·      Suggestion therapy

·      Analytical hypnotherapy (also known as hypnoanalysis)

·      One stop smoking cessation session

·      Gastric band weight reduction sessions

·      Past life therapy

·      Hypno-healing session for the management of pain

·      Self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques session 

I am a very friendly, warm and caring person who wants the best outcomes for my clients and I am extremely passionate about using hypnotherapy to help others. Most clients contact me due to experiencing difficulties in their lives and I am a very good listener, empathic and non-judgmental. I am a registered member of the Hypnotherapy Association so any hypnotherapy you receive from me will meet the high standards set out by the association. I have completed professional accredited training together with work experience in the field and continue to participate in ongoing training. I have a DBS check and professional insurance.

My training

I have completed two professional qualifications in hypnotherapy including a diploma in advanced holistic hypnotherapy and a diploma in hypnotherapy for analytical hypnotherapy. I was trained by one of the top 10 hypnotherapists in the U.K. I offer a friendly, professional and client centred service. To compliment my hypnotherapy training, I also have a degree in applied psychology and a counselling qualification. I have worked as a health care professional for over 10 years helping people with a diverse range of problems including anxiety, addictions and relationship issues. 

I am a registered member of the Hypnotherapy Association and therefore any therapy you receive will comply fully with the ethical codes of conduct set out by the Hypnotherapy Association. 

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