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My journey into the world of hypnotherapy began over three years ago after having hypnotherapy personally. Prior to having hypnotherapy, I knew very little about it and tended to associate it with the scenes from movies showing a therapist dangling a pendulum to put someone to sleep. Most hypnotherapy clients would argue that the experience of having hypnotherapy is somewhat different and would describe it as an incredibly relaxing, insightful and liberating experience.

I decided to train to become a hypnotherapist in order to be able to help others and I am incredibly passionate about using hypnosis and believe it is a very effective type of therapy.

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I would like to draw your attention to an important PhD literature review carried out by Alfred J Barrios in 2006 that highlights the success of hypnotherapy. The review states that after 600 sessions of psychoanalysis client recovery was 38% and for the behaviour therapy group they achieved a success rate of 72% after 22 sessions. In comparison, hypnotherapy respondents showed a recovery rate of 93% after just 6 sessions. Other studies have suggested that using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques with hypnosis can contribute to having an even greater therapeutic response.

One of the main reasons hypnotherapy is such a powerful therapy is because it involves communicating with the subconscious part of your mind. This is the part of your mind that works in the background and stores all your memories, beliefs and experiences from birth. Many people are unaware that the subconscious controls approximately 90-95% of the total power of your mind and it handles everything within your body from our habits to adapting to new situations and our ability to relax and switch off from stress.

My training

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I completed my first hypnotherapy course in 2018 and was trained by one of the top 10 hypnotherapists in the U.K. In 2019, I completed a further hypnotherapy course specialising in hypnoanalysis techniques and currently participate in ongoing career professional development training to update my skills regularly. To compliment my hypnotherapy training, I have a degree in applied psychology and a counselling qualification.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Advanced Diploma in Holistic Hypnotherapy

MA (Hons) Social Studies

BA (Hons) 2:1 Applied Psychology and Health Studies

Certificate in Counselling Skills

Level 3 Certificate in responding to substance misuse

Level 2 Understanding Nutrition and Health

I am a registered member of the International Hypnotherapy Association and National Hypnotherapy Society.

Neill Havers certificate
National Hypno Society certificate

My experience

I started working in the health and social care sector in 1998. Since then, I have worked in a number of different areas including drug treatment, mental health support, working with young offenders and vulnerable children in care.

For the last three years, I have worked as a professionally trained hypnotherapist and have helped many clients with various issues such as smoking cessation, weight problems, phobias, fears, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress and sports performance issues.

I have also recently started teaching hypnotherapy for a major training company based in the U.K.

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