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Breaking free from addictions

An addiction can be defined as not having control over something to the point where it could be potentially harmful to you. Addictions are most commonly associated with drug misuse, alcohol, gambling and smoking but it is possible to be addicted to virtually anything including shopping, certain foods, sex, prescription medications, exercise or even work.

The reasons behind why people have addictions is complex. In the case of alcohol or drugs, these substances impact on how we feel physically and psychologically and some people use drugs to change their mindset. However, for other people it may start out as just experimental use and become a habit. Gambling for example can result in a mental high after a win followed by a strong desire to recreate that feeling and this can quickly develop into a habit which is very hard to stop.

Being addicted usually leads to some kind of withdrawal symptoms or come down when the behaviour is stopped. Because the come down is unpleasant many people find it easier to continue their cycle of addictive behaviour despite the negative impact it might have. Addictions can have a serious impact on your health, relationships and welfare.

Here are some simple suggestions to help you begin to understand and resolve your addiction;

* Every addiction has a cause and effect. Try to identify what you get from your addiction and this will help you to explore and identify more appropriate alternatives

* Many addictions are caused by underlying stress. Learn alternative more healthier ways of coping such as meditation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis

* Make sure you surround yourself with a positive peer group network and talk about your problems with your friends to help get a different perspective

* Rather than worrying about a problem, focus on how you can solve the issue will help you feel more empowered and in control

* Eating a healthy diet, taking regularly exercise and plenty of sleep will help you feel more energetic and balanced

* Get involved in things that inspire you rather than for external means such as money. You will not only feel happier but more fulfilled in your life as a result. If you don’t enjoy your job, consider a career change to something more meaningful.

Hypnotherapy can help with addiction problems because it works with the subconscious part of your mind, which drives many behaviours and actions such as addictions. Hypnotherapy can help resolve the underlying issue to enable you to live an addiction free life. For a free consultation, contact Neill Havers D.A.H. Hyp on 07492 570945.

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